Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loving Karen

i never slept with Karen
and i guess it's because i've never met one
but i think I'd like to
-except Karen Carpenter
mostly cuz she's dead and wore bad clothes

Karen, I think, or perhaps
merely speculate
is cute, longish hair
strong in build, yet compact

she can play the piano, but never does
smiles, but not all the way
and she speaks
as if she cares that you're listening

she might be a librarian,
and a damn fine one!
but she's versatile
so she might also be a check out clerk
or a waitress at Denny's
you never know with Karen

she's the one at the bar, with friends
but always a beat behind the joke
-except Karen Carpenter
who was always a beat too fast

she's diplomatic in controversy
and always kind to her mother
and secrets! oh, God can she keep them!
but never tells any

when she strips herself bare at night
she always pulls the blinds first
but yet and still, when the room settles
in silent darkness
she touches herself just like Carol

and when she kisses, and oh yes, she does
she kisses first with her eyes
having known the magic of her blinds

cuz that's how Karen is,
a flame in a bottle
that never dances for the wind
for then the wind is master

you can see why i love her,
can't you, this Karen?
and i think i'd like to lie with her
but first, I suppose,
I'd have to meet her