Thursday, October 25, 2012

Til Death Do Us Part

                                                (my kind of woman)

Guns or knives, Butch?
I don't wanna shoot with you, Harvey!
ok, knives it is
(Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid)

I know the rules say
one in the chamber, but
that could take all day!
so let's do three
and I'll go first
cuz I love you so much

she shaved her legs last night
and this morning,
I rivered my wrist with her
dirty blade as she seductively
licked her lips

I didn't mean to boric acid
her Cheerios-
it just looked like sugar
and she recovered

and after she put that bomb
in my car last week,
she took the car at two am for milk
just to prove she loved me
-but I had already defused it

who knew ebay even sells
poison lipstick
or that I could buy the anecdote
on Amazon, but of course
neither worked

and when I bought all those sleeping pills
to forever silence her rage
I took them myself
but then she hit me with the hammer
and woke me up
and we're both fine, now,
cuz we're in love

kiss me my darling,
hold me my dear,
but with one eye open
one hand on the trigger
and 911 on speed dial

yes, my sweet
let's love each other
to death