Sunday, March 3, 2013

Truth Stripped Bare

you know, she said,
raising the knife
i really hate that song

barely taking notice
of the blood's first trickle,
she gave the look of one
having swallowed sour milk
when he asked,
how bout the movie?

finally, with time running out
and the game on the line,
he heaved one from half court

did you get a chance to read
that book I gave you?

this one wasn't even close
as the buzzer sounded
and the ball rolled to a stop
in the dark corner

this is why men fish secret holes
alone, along silent river banks
why women stare endlessly
out small kitchen windows
while drying dishes
already dry

it's why women kneel the dirt
in flower gardens
why men drink beer
in garages
why children
go outside to play

it isn't wrong
and it isn't right
just an inconvenient truth
the gentle lies
long ago spent
for the purchase
of another's soul