Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Horoscope

are you the dickhead i just passed?
my cheap fag bobs as an undecided fish
as i mutter obscenities

and so it goes,
me and dickead playing highway hopscotch
or is it white line leapfrog?
cuz he's too stupid to be consistent

this makes me remember my horoscope
which i read like it matters
knowing it doesn't

"you are not on earth to judge
and punish your fellow travelers
though sometimes
their actions will frustrate you"

well, no shit sherlock!

i read my ex-girlfriend's too,
as if it matters

"you made the right choice
and happiness is just
around the bend"

see? they're always wrong!

Jesus was a taurus i think,
the pope made him one
by blowin some orange smoke
or maybe just to explain
why he kicked over those tables
and cursed the innocent fig

we can be ornery bastards,
us taurus
though Jesus wasn't a bastard
and probably not a taurus
just sick of the bullshit
we humans dabble in

hey dipshit!
it's rainin! wanna turn on your wipers?
oh! brilliant move ass hole!

I'm not even gonna read it tomorrow
it's all a bunch of hooey
and she'll never be happy
you'll see

beep beep
up yours fuckwad!