Monday, October 10, 2011

The Trip

them first hundred miles were somethin, weren't they?
we had the top down, hair blowin
not another car in sight and all the cops
in the donut shop
fuck! we fairly flew

then it got a little rougher as
the mountains grew in the windshield,
summer passed and we had to put the top down.
still though, a damn pretty ride

there was swimming in the hollow
sleeping under the stars
fucking in the moonlight
and a laughter immeasurable

but then we lost that hubcap in livingston
then that flat in lansing
a radiator here, a fan belt there
and the radio died in greensboro

still we held to the road
and still we clung to each other
knowing, it was all we had

but then the fat cops full of donuts
spied our weakness and licked their pens
and then that damn blizzard we didn't see coming
snow blinded the summer of our ease

we bought a few tools
tried even to paint the dusty wreck
but it was no match for the gravel roads
that every detour led to

it sits there now, in the weeds
at the edge of the field
mice build there nests where we slept
bees sleep in the trunk where we hid our dreams
and us?
well, it was a hell of a ride wasn't it?

we drove that bitch as far as she'd take us
leaving a trail of breakdown
we hardly noticed

still, no regrets
it was a helluva ride
a once in a life time trip
few will ever know