Monday, June 11, 2012

The Healing

i went to the doctor
who tsk tsk'd his wisdom
to the window, then
hmph'd his sterile magic
to the silence, before
tossing his degree
to the fire

then i went to the headbender
on 16th avenue
she penciled and scritched
her "i see's"
crossed her bony legs and bony mind
and in grey flannel class warfare
went to the closet to ask her ouija board
while i counted the tiles in the ceiling

i climbed the great mountain
to seek the wise shaman
and as a beetle played among his beard
he leaned hard to his crooked stick
and told me
only your spirit can heal your body
but your spirit has died

so i took his magic wizard stick
and bashed in his head before
throwing his spirit off the mountain

i skulked to the dealer
with tiger shark eyes
and a diamond tooth
and he showed me his answers
in needles wrapped neatly
so i traded the wizards stick
for a trip to venus, and
it took me four days to find my body
when i got back
but the dealer had gone to the mountain

so now i come to you
whore of neptune
goddess of sin and
purveyor of pleasure

if failure is the answer
let the ride be pleasant