Friday, June 22, 2012

The Long Dance

i entered because i thought we could win
and though i knew my talents were lacking
it was my stubborn stamina
and your prowess
that teased me of the prize

well, hell yeah, why not!

and durned if i didn't do ok for awhile

the bocanova was a breeze
and that night we tangoed?
that year we did salsa?
just before the cha cha cha

who knew i could do the samba
and did you see my feet move to the polka?
while the flamenco was a snap
it was the anaconda that
carried us through April

but the lights dimmed, the music grew faint
and my legs turned all gummy
while all those cheering us on
grew fewer and fewer

still we hung in there, though,
not even sure of the prize
and who woulda thought?
how could it be?
that finally, just short of the prize
it was the waltz we learned
so long ago
that did us in