Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, that's it.
Blogger in it's infinite wisdom has declared me the spam king, and seeing as the only human being associated with blogger is apparently holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, I'm fucked.
Any comments I leave now go directly to the blog's spam dungeon, and let's face it, who ever goes there?
My guess is that some mean-spirited fellow blogger who isn't too keen on me reported me as a spammer, but who knows! Blogger doesn't need help to screw up.
I would like to thank all the wonderful friends I've known through this blog. A few come to mind, Annie, Sara, Margaret, Kelli, Joy, a couple Audrey's, Carrie, Grace, and of course, Verena, who has always supported my writing. There are many others who dropped by now and then with kind words and I appreciated every one.
Thank you all!
I'll still be reading all of your wonderful poems and stories, I just can't comment to them.
Gotta go now, the blogger cops are beating on my door and I have'nt finished flushing the evidence.
Take care, all, and thank you, again