Friday, February 8, 2013

The Jester Has Retired

the king is dead
long live the king

young and old
rascals and noblemen
born royal, worthy
and wanting

i've played for them all

i've swallowed the sword
juggled the daggers
told jokes
until the only punchline
is me

why, i could make myself disappear
over here
and then
reappear over there

a clap of the hands and off i'd run
all yellow bloomers
with black stars
and a hat full of tossles
to conceal my wares

pull a rabbit from a hat?
phtt! child's play to a jester
able to pull a hat from a rabbit's ass
and convince it's a crown

the Queen is dead
long reign the queen

but where is the jester?
and who now will amuse?

the jester is gone
and all of his tricks
hats for hooks
and bloomers to rags

he'll dance no more
the limp fangled jig
for the game has gone old
and the jester, out of jolly
shall bow no more