Monday, February 4, 2013

Losing My Religion

i sat upon the rocks at the edge of the sea
just a boy head full of dreams
all heart full of want, upon a tide
chartless of course

i rode a train across Thailand
thundering to a destination
i hoped to never reach
but this, my secret locked tight

the mountains loomed in the distance
i hoped to never lessen, for their peaks
once conquered, would be too much feast
for the want i craved tight fisted

the seagulls spoke my religion,
the sky cathedral to my claims
chimed hallelujah to the virgin spirit
lost in the wildflowers of the ruling horizon

the ridiculousness of youth
oblivious to wisdom past
knows no friend among man
nor enemy among gods

but time teaches our faults
through a jealous rage stamping
failure upon wistful dreams
while horizons paint a faded canvas

the loss of this immortality
through the consummation of time to self
resides in the fable of destination
and peaks without fire, too near

it is divorce now i seek
from the cruel master i've become
so free i may be, to forget what i've learned
and find my first love abandoned somewhere
among restless seagulls and aimless tides