Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Are Not Fooled

ribbons and bows
buttons and baubles
everything wrapped neatly
for the Christmas parade

rainbows painted cream
in perfect arch
says all is well
fair winds to all dwellers

hot air balloons
red white and blue
sails to the mast
bright clean and flying
across placid seas

beneath it all
lies corruption
motives of murder
plans of deceit
the dagger of betrayal

life is not a decoration
on frosted birthday cake
nor the frills
on that pretty white blouse

life is the day after Christmas
the storm that shreds our sail
while the weakness hidden
deflates our balloon

this is not bad, it just is
and the knowing
of storms lurking danger
should not stop us
from taking our flight
against all odds

it's what makes us human
and animal, and alive
defining hope on bent dreams
by illogical desire