Saturday, January 14, 2012


the bars slide shut like a boxcar door in frozen warsaw
while the lock stamps finality

I've been to prison
i oughta know

head counts and yard time
three meals a day, in sync to the minute
there are books you can read,
and those you can't
glances you can acknowledge
those you dare not
scratches on a wall
chk chk chk chk
tic tic tic

you learn to survive
-not win the game
for you've already lost
but you adapt
almost grow comfortable
a ballgame comes on the radio, and
if, you close your eyes tight enough,
you're almost there

a model prisoner?
one that obeys
my crime?
being a model prisoner

the wind whistles through the trees
and if i close my eyes lightly enough
it carries me beyond the ridge
beyond the borders
beyond the fixtures
where dream coloured visions
blow a curtain through an open window

i oughta know
I've been free

breakfast? probably not
lunch? if i get to it
supper? we'll see

the days sailed by as ghost ships
far out to sea under broken sky
the nights
layed me down
in the cool comfort of a sleeping wake

kisses were tokens to the roller coaster
miles were trinkets that shined
choices were guiltless
and tomorrows rushed blindly
deaf to the dangers and
armoured to consequence

i broke no rules for there were none
but the rules found me careless
and broke me