Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovers and Friends

just now, i look out through the woods
where the frosted evergreens shiver,
and shudder, where the soft snow
butters the crust of the maples
and i think,
i'm gonna miss you

when i walk through woods such as these
deep pockets down, and i see the lone rabbit,
and the grey jay searching, and those
weeds along the swamp that collect
tiny balls of snow, and wave, like
a child's balloon,
i know i'm gonna miss you

and when i see an ocean stretching
like a yawn, a sunset
over mountains, and a girl
on a bike peddling past
a vineyard, surely,
I'm gonna miss you

and you, hanging out the window
inviting life to come- but be
gentle, and when i see a girl
sitting on a stoop, wondering
of the night, and the nights
to come, oh yeah,
i'll miss you too

and of course, you,
when i see that stray cat
you'd never turn away from,
and when i see diamonds
that sparkle like your eyes
when life knew breath
you, i will so miss

hills in summer and jagged lakeshores,
Superior when it roars, a garden, a bench by the delta,
trains in passing and rivers rolling
a trail grown over where once
love walked

you, the eagle
you the hawk
geese up high, ducks on a pond
the Carolina Wren
when it thieves

when the morning comes
til the sun sets
leaving the moon
to haunt my shadow
in reminder of all i've known
and all i've let go
you, all of you,
surely, i will miss,
and some of me
as well