Wednesday, January 18, 2012

dark shadows

the moon of white light
oh! what dark shadows she casts

beneath this insidious rock
slices are carved in snowy hillsides
where the hare is discovered
and the fox is fed

the oak casts drunken spells
upon the fears that play
beneath the midnight labyrinth
while the owl spies

yes, by all means, lovers
swoon naked and on fire,
viscid beasts unleashed
beneath the power of mirage

tides roll, churning
the underbelly of
deep hidden danger
where shadows are void

will you sing to me, my love,
beneath the chill of
the autumn moon?
is this not the poetry
that bleeds newborns?

romance and promises
fiction of the dark night

yes my love, this
fire we will burn
where the white night blazes

and let us pretend
as the restless hare in crimson
that the shadows
will not give us away