Monday, February 13, 2012

The Forgotten Boy

i've been layin block
my shirt sleeves rolled up
a camel dancing on my lips
slop! slap! creeesh!
hurry it up, boy!
bring me another

i've been with the boys, layin pipe
damn dirty shovel work
my old nasty work boots
married to ten pounds of red clay

and i've been out a loggin
fellin the great giants
all steel toed and carhartted
-look out down the line boys!
there she goes!

and all this while
through all this sweat
i've been rememberin

that little boy in a lazy swimmin hole
his bicycle leanin the five and dime
those old wooden boards with
bent nails leadin up a tree
and that little girl, he
might've kissed

now somewhere here, on
this dirty oil rig, beneath
the muscles and callous grime
somewhere in the deep
i think maybe, he
still exists
and calls to me