Wednesday, February 22, 2012

mary jane

you'd better go home, mary jane
the day is far spent
while the glow of escape's hope
dissipates into a shallow grave
the dusk rolls in like a heavy
wool blanket, unfurled

go home now, mary jane, run home
i heard your momma call you
hours ago, and there's a fine stew
she's prepared, i can tell from
her stained apron, and the
burns upon her hands.

the day started out so light
as i followed you through
the village, and we stopped
to climb the church steeple
just to see if the bell was real

then we stole donuts from
the corner bakery, and ain't
it funny, how play is always
better when consequences
are ignored, buried deep
in the sweet glaze of laughter
while the rules, play jester
to the trespass

go on home, mary jane
the darkness has outrun us
and the road back is so long

shall we clean up our messes
along the way? or leave
them as tattered flags
upon the hills of our
victories abandoned?

i remember the time
when you had the good sense
before we paper airplaned
the pages from your bible

you'd say, "get on home, now harley,
or you're gonna get it real good!"
and i always did as you said

i guess we shouldn't have cut through the park
i shouldn't have whispered in your ear
you shouldn't have kissed me
and i shouldn't have reached my hand
down the back of your pants

felt your soft skin
learned your sweet curves
felt you tremble
in rehearsed acquiescence

but now we're here, so far
from the village, mary jane
and joined to the sad stains
upon your mother's dirty apron
and a few stolen donuts shall never
be sweet enough, again

go on home, mary jane
you'd best get on home
for in an hour
the moon will be out
the bright stars
will bear witness
the village will be torched
by your mother's burning apron
and i will forever love you

stay here, mary jane
please don't go