Friday, February 10, 2012


(concerned) you look tired, would you like a brandy?
(sneer) why? is that what old people drink to keep warm?
(shrug) perhaps. are you old?
(shrug) you keep saying i am
(raised eyebrows) do i? (sips)
(frowns and looks away) yes, all the time
(head cocks) do you feel old?
(eyes lower sadly) does it matter?
(leans forward studiously) i'm not sure, were you happier in your youth?
(eyes narrow) i was happily ignorant
(nods) and now you're miserably aware
(drinks) something like that
(sits back) would you like me to leave, so you can be ignorant?
(laughs) yes, and send your young sister to keep me warm
(crosses leg) then would you be young?
(closes eyes) only for a moment
(claps knees) then i'll stay
(puts face in hands) of course you will.