Saturday, April 14, 2012

been here before

dress me up just to break me down
rope that colt and brand his ass
then plant me in the corner
where your sunshine only starves me

tie me to a chair, just to prove you can
reform the outlaw and his bloodshot ways
and harness my energy to feed
your fading light

hey i've been here
down this way before
i've known this trail
and i've known your door
and tomorrow's gonna find me
down that road of no return

this boxcar aint the prison
you think you see
i aint quite the color
you painted me
and i'm just two shades of blue
from bein gone, from here and you

i know to you, my ways seem strange
and that's the color you wanna change
but have you seen the heart
that's gone to black and blue?

hey i've been here
once or twice before
and i've known this trail
and your secret door
and tomorrows gonna find me
where you can't

(this is just a thought about how we conform-or try to- to what others think we should be as they fix us to make themselves a little more justified)