Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gypsy Rain (a song)

look at your eyes, look hard, babe
they're searchin for the broken blame
pity for you, some for me
measured out so equally
but still i will not stay

cuz i ain't your hero, girl
ain't no one's anything
just a two dollar gypsy
in a stolen preacher's coat
just tryin to find my way

you tried to hold the ocean, darling
you tried to tame the wind
you tried to grip tomorrow
in the hair of this gypsy's sin

but i'm always bound for leavin
even when i first arrive
just always lookin down the road
it's my way to stay alive

i ain't your sunshine, baby
i ain't your anything
i'm just the cloud you rode in upon,
that flower that you fell hard upon
in the rains of early spring

but seasons come
and seasons go
you shoulda known the way
and all your searching for the blame
won't warm this winter day

so now you cry in loneliness
scratchin shelter from the pain
but don't you know your loving me
is all there is to blame?​

i see you locked within yourself
reaching yet for early spring
but it's out there on the road again
bleeding the broken wing

and i ain't your future, darling
i ain't your anything
i'm just a cloud you rode upon
when once we shared a spring