Monday, August 13, 2012

The Barren Winter

there was a murder last night,
at fifth and vine
just down the street
from where her brother was killed

it barely stirred the neighborhood

obamacare and romney's horse
fruit loops full of global warming
and where the hell
are all those missing weapons, anyway?

chic-fil-a's full of rushing limbaughs
blacks and whites
both full of shit
while we all prostrate
in prayer to facebook

fences to higher, planets to farther
til no longer the trees exist
and only the filthy oceans
in silent dirge
will mourn the extinction

but i feel the late summer breeze
softly play through my hair
as a single leaf changes colour

and i spy a lone mountaintop
no man has bothered to destroy
while i hear the guardian pines sing
the song of earth's quiet echo

and as i lay me down
upon this ancient earth
and feel her blood make me her vein
i for a moment have hope
not for mankind,
not even for myself

but that a few quiet moments
such as this
have not yet
turned to Winter