Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another New Horizon

i feel it again
can you feel it in me?

two squares forward
one to the right
and then?
i don't know

nor do i know if capture
or kill awaits
or if it's good, or if it's physical
or maybe this time,
the whole enchilada

a fallen log, ancient of days
is a good place to rest, and
a brook to shame crystal
a good place to drink
but such places offer
no mortgage and only
temporary relief to my knowing
that this is right and good

this quaking is not in my bones
nor in my hearts blood
but rather deeper and slightly hidden
-the higgs boson of my being

perhaps this will pass
if i grate iron my denial
or perhaps i've stopped caring
but still the atoms shake
while my spirit alone
sets the sails

and as i look down to the anchor chain
rusty and barnacled
and so at home in the deep mud
i hear that song, from so long ago

don't surround yourself with yourself
move on back two squares