Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Bet Your Life

i'm living a life, but not mine
mine's over there, just
beyond that great gulf

this life
has far too many blues and reds
while my life
is turquoise and lavender

but i have vision, a vision
which see's the life i sold
for a prayer of desperation
-and it's just over there

over there, the Northern Pike
run fat, mean and hungry!
i am their conductor, and
the nature i bartered away,
my orchestra

i can't see me over there (can you?)
but i see my swagger,
that grin i lost in deuces wild
to a sly lawyer with long sleeves

over there, lies forest trails
full of my treasured green
and kisses that laugh
yet still hold the power

from here, i can see
the fields of lush joy
the easy passing
of a gentle terrain

a savage sea that swells adventure,
a cottage nestled in bluebirds,
a sky that lingers in lazy,
and a spirit that never grows old

there is a boy playing there
where the water giggles the rocks
and a pirate building a ship
to ravage the harbours of spain

there are fistfuls of tomorrows
just ripened for the pick
and a rum barrel for two
that never runs dry

and so much the more...

but i live this life assigned
for once when drunk on fear
the magician played me a fool
and i rushed the fine print

this life is a shovel
with which i must dig
and the torture i must bear
is the vision without wings