Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Search Of

i'm not sure that my heart is broken
but maybe stretched beyond repair
is it for love, to quantify my worth?
once, yes, but too many tracks
could be found on my lovers breasts,
and hers upon my hope

is it for the youth lost beyond the stars?
undoubtedly so, but it was mine
to spend as i wished and the warranty
is long since expired and regret,
too bitter a grape to swallow

no, life as two horrible children
stretch me like taffy
just to see where i might snap

i no longer yearn
for the moistness between her legs
nor the shadowed valley
between her soft breasts

i no longer believe
in the repurchase of yesterday
nor the racing ahead to tomorrow

my heart reaches for a soft walk,
a calm lake with gentle sound,
a mountain where time has no purpose
and the me, somewhere beyond the ridge,
i saw once in a fairy tale

then, could my heart rest,
my mind surrender,
and my youth return
to kiss me goodbye