Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Sympathies

my deepest sympathies, my dear one.
as now you find yourself in pensive reflection,
let us consider all of your loss so we may know
just how hard to cry

remember when you were young,
and couldn't believe you were pretty?
that cute boy tried to kiss you under the bleachers
and you shook your head no, though
your heart beat a wild yes
i'm so sorry

remember a few years later, when at a party
your friends asked you to play truth or dare?
you were afraid to be embarrassed and left alone
i'm so sorry

how about the time in the big game
with the score tied and you with the ball?
you knew you could sink that shot and win it
but you passed the chance away
i'm so sorry

there was that time by the lake at midnight
everyone drank too much wine-except you,
then they went skinny-dipping but you had
too much sense and kept your shorts on
and the depth shallow
i'm so sorry

and how about the college you attended
though you really wanted the other one?
and later, saying yes at the altar, though
your mind screamed NO!
i'm so sorry

that handsome man at the airport
when you felt so all alone.
why, he lifted his glass to you and smiled!
but you turned away, and when you looked back
only an empty glass remained
and i'm so sorry

then there was that time your friend
(You know, the bad one)
tried to talk you into the Rocky Horror Picture Show
at midnight after a little weed, and ain't it a
good thing you had that dentist appointment
in the morning and couldn't go?
so verry sorry

and when you knew how much your daughter
wanted that expensive gift for Christmas
-the Christmas she'd never ever forget,
you remembered the noisy clothes dryer
and got her the other gift, just to be safe
i'm so sorry

that summer your friend begged you to take that road trip out West
with $725 dollars and a clanky Oldsmobile
you wisely considered how foolish it would be
and got the promotion instead, and
she never came back
i'm so sorry

and let's not forget that night among the stars
at two AM and a quarter moon
when you almost had it together, and
you almost believed you could fly
with such a wind blowing!
but you didn't even give it a shot
i'm so sorry

now your kids are grown and out being you
just the way you taught them
and you have a fine house
and outstanding reputation as still
the one to come to for sensible advise
i'm so sorry

so my dearest, in your bereavement
i offer my sincerest condolences
at your loss of so much
and the moments that offered them
i'm so sorry