Friday, September 28, 2012

Lawless Freedom

America, she's a bad teacher i think
America, she says, to be free,
we need to pulverize
our perceived enemies,
bully our neighbors,
build impenetrable walls
and trust no one

then, says she, we'll be free

but i've heard tell of an illegal freedom
secreted away on some hidden island
and my criminal mind
goes in search

i wanna be float kind of free
beyond the reach of the
outstretched hungry arms,
anchor free and rootless

me, a skipping stone to Jupiter
and if i miss, i miss
me, diving a green depth off limits
only to find, there in the still shadows
i can breathe anew

i wanna fly as the eagle flew
before the machine of Wright
to glide on clean wind
with not a human in sight

past the rules of engagement
and wall streets cold bricks
high above promises broken
and the hurts i can't fix

laces to chains,
petals to thorns
i stepped into the snare
and turn on the spit

my hope has heard of an illegal freedom
written on the walls of dreams
and it's out there somewhere
looking for me to rescue