Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lady and The Pirate

You see, it's like this;
i pissed away all my stars
into the river
while you were downstream
panning for gold

didn't you feel the warmth,
as they brushed past your thighs?

and when i found you sullen
by the wishing well
your eyes full of want
and heart full of hurt
i wished only for a penny
to bolster your belief

but  i'd spent my last copper
at the county fair
on clay milk bottles
that never fall in threes

and of course,
that threw my arm out
and those flowers
i meant to gather
because of the bear
i failed to win
had long since withered
before i was able

it was all so silly, wasn't it?
my dyslexic attempts
to adore you

for you see, the stars of heaven
were always in your pocket
and you weren't at the well
for wishes, but for resolve

as for the bear, well, your arm
was always better than mine
and of what compare
are bluebells and lazy susans
to the flower you are
blooming in the morning

so you see, my love,
my precious morning flower,
I'm glad i failed
for my victory
would only diminish
the beauty that you forever are

a pirate is a pirate always
meant only for the gallows

one who would hock the fine silver
as you slept, and when you awoke,
you would find only bloody footprints
leading away to another storm

so my Love,
success was never an option, as
you were meant for things much finer
than ten cent bears
and the glitter of pirate
piss stars in goldless rivers

and now,
my only gifts remaining are these,
my surrender, and my love
that shall never wither
nor impede your journey