Monday, September 10, 2012

the good stuff

here, take a drag on this

nah, you're not doing it right,
i mean, shit, it's not like it's
gonna bite you!

now take a big hit

feel anything?

see, ya gotta breathe in deep
fill your lungs
let it permeate your soul

and it's ok if it makes your eyes water sometimes

but it only burns hot
when you take it in deep
and the hotter it burns
the sillier you'll get

then you'll want it more
til it becomes a need that cures

see that girl over there on the dock?
yeah, the one with her feet in the water,
her head full of sunshine, her mouth
full of smile

she's doin it right

check out that guy over there,
the one sitting under that tree
commingling with the moon
whoa! there goes his heart!
flyin away and he doesn't care

or that chick up there on the cliff
pirouetting while the bluebirds
dance around her song, ready
to catch her if she falls

now that's some good shit!

oh oh, look at that guy on the freeway
screaming out the window, cursing today,
worryin about tomorrow
and blaming yesterday

he got a hold of some bad shit, man
don't share his bag no matter how
freely he gives it

ok, ya ready?
now inhale deeply

second hand smoke?
that's the whole idea.