Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bridges Behind Me

they say, a man will go as far as he sees
and God knows, i've looked far
looking deep into the sun
when all the harried shouts
cried don't!

I've peeked to the lady's keyhole
and that vision carried me to Africa
I've snorkeled the depth of Darwin's tales
and rode his horse into babylon

Tristan jones magnified his adventures
and i sailed his ship to the white bear
a man can wander, and eat of the free bread,
said Dylan, so off to Mobile i went

and lightfoot told me there's a carefree highway
i believed him
and i'm still out there searching

these things the others have spoken of
i've seen, and my way maps out reality
on their torn pages of crooked fantasy

and while i can't say the journey
hasn't been worth the pain
it's the stench of the smolder
of the bridges i left burning behind

that has blistered the joy
and faded my vision