Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lay Me Down Easy

i wanna go down to mexico
leaving this all behind
find myself a cantina
and a pretty senorita
who doesn't need to understand

i wanna go to galway bay
and meet her mojo on the cliffs
then can i bathe in a stillness
the vision of distance will provide

there's a lone pine in the bitter roots
that wont ask my name or why it is so
because my being in her womb
will be answer enough

i need to go back to the storm
that first blew me away
and that northern wheat field
that lent me sweet peace
in her warm copper sway

can i return, to that youthful morning
when hope in first light did yet tease me?

i need to go down
be made far and away
only a whisper

lay me down, you bearers of love
all of you, my tellers of truth
unbrand my burden and lay me down
and this time
lay me down