Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Hope for Immortality

I sometimes look to the heavens, cast a wary eye, and wonder-am i being watched?

God kicks away some cloud from His throne and looks down,
putting his great hands to His hips, He smiles in spite of Himself.
Peter, watching from the gate, sees God rubbing his chin, suppressing a smile.
God waves peter over without looking, and tells him to bring the others.
they all gather and look down.
God points.
"Do you see him?"
no one responds
God leans down, then rears back.
Shaking His white woolen hair he continues
"Can you believe what he's doing now?"
Solomon chimes in and tilts his head in pity
"well, maybe the poor boy's confused, Great Father"
God glares and everyone steps back
"you had a thousand wives," God sweeps His great arm,  "and not even you were this confused!"
David looks closer and smiles before throwing his hands up
"this kid makes me look like a piker!"
Jacob nods. "me too"
Samson, being blind and remembering why, stays silent.
God, THE GOD, actually looks puzzled and shakes His head again
"you just never know what this guy's gonna do next"
Michael clears his throat
"Would you like me to go down there and slay him Great Father?"
God contemplates a moment
"no, he seems quite capable of doing that for himself"
God then signals for Gabriel
"what do his prayers look like, Gabriel?"
Gabriel glances to the others for help that doesn't come, and responds carefully
"well, it's hard to say, Father, they're all over the place. Can't make sense of them."
God raises a great eyebrow
Peter steps forward with the book
"Great Father, according to the book, the boy's time is nearly up"
God glances to the page and frowns
"hmm, yes, I see. well, I tell you what Peter, let's change that," God pauses to look down. "he's rather entertaining. you just never know what fool thing he might think of next."
Peter nods timidly.
"Yes, Father. When should i change it TO?"
God pauses to consider
"I'll tell you what, just leave it open for now. I'll let you know."
as God continues to look down, the others disperse, and the secretary comes forth.
"excuse me, Great Father, but i have a message from satan."
God looks disgusted
"you have, have you? well what does that devil want now?"
the secretary looks down sheepishly
"he says, that if that guy gets in, Esau and a bunch of others want to file an appeal"
God scowls and waves her off
"you tell satan to mind his own business. I'm not sure about this one yet"
as she walks away, she hears God laugh and she turns to see Him slapping his knees