Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Whirlwind

shutter the windows, Alabama
hide the silver, all you fine ladies
and bury the chest you good men

it's time to lock down the borders
and sound the alarm

i am the whirlwind to your dust,
the dark pages in your bible
the preacher ignores, and
that nightmare
in your terror
that knocks on your door
and silences song birds

and i mean to tell you
i will not be denied
not your young girls
you've saved and hidden
nor the proud mountain
demanding respect

i will kick your door into splinters
and stain you upon fine linen
i will chew up your truth
and spit out graffiti

and your testimony, is it
to pardon me?
or validate you?

accusers are you all
who sit upon the jury
exonerating my heart
leaving the villain
as the only honest voice