Wednesday, May 23, 2012


where is paradise?

even the sound
the word's language
seems ethereal

i want it
don't you?

oh God but how we reach
scramble, climb and claw
run and swim
just to catch a glimpse

but what is it?
where is it?

is it in the eyes of a lover?
in the shadow of happiness?
is the symptom the disease?
or merely ego dreaming?

i've been close a time or twelve
i think, no-i swear!
i've grabbed and held it
in my grasp
only to feel it slip away
slip away
slip away

maybe it's the solitude of mountains
the depth of canyons
the peace of rivers
or something in between

maybe it's the joy
of a floor smattered
with children on christmas eve
or maybe it's the choir
we hear but never see

those who choose to suffer
say it isn't here
but over there

but see,
i want it now
maybe not all of it
but some of it
enough of it
to keep me believing
in my lover's eyes