Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here In Buffalo

there's just somethin bout rain
on a Monday morning in a Buffalo
lost between seasons

I watch a drop
begin at the top of the windshield
sizzling cold in careless meander
as doors close all around me

the leaves of spring
grown weary,
have turned palm down
in failed death
bleeding bleeding bleeding

funny, how quickly
daycare in June
becomes the cancer ward
of November

somewhere there's a book,
a warm fire
keeping watch over a dreaming cat

there's a regatta
splashing pretty colours
over a sun blinding bay

Paris is bustling
Fifth Avenue is getting all Macied up
pretending not to notice
that the laughing daffodils
have migrated to Capetown

but here in Buffalo
it's a rainy day on Monday
and my my mind plays eave
to the cold rain
my heart expels