Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Gods Hide

it's hard to be a god
even harder,
when you're forced into the job
~just ask google

Josey Wales
wasn't looking for a congregation,
did his damn finest to avoid one

but next thing you know
you turn around
and there they are
baby birds, stretched from the nest
waitin for a worm

so you draw a map
build a boat
invent a mantra

then plan
your midnight escape

but the cries can be heard
through the mountain passes
the mourning and fasting
travels the ocean
on swelling tides of guilt

until finally, your horse
you have to turn
and wings he has to grow
to skyward race
in search of the lost patrol

and there they are
treading water
just where you left them

the map lost
the boat stolen
the mantra your doom

the trouble with being a god
is that
you can never be anything else