Monday, November 12, 2012


think I'll head to the biker bar tonight
all chain drive and black leathered
meet up with Johnny and Jack
shoot some pool, knock some heads
lose a tooth or two
over some hard ridin mama
in torn jeans and greasy bandana

I'll close my eyes, loll my head,
sway drunkenly to the Allmans
then spit in a shout out
"Hey! Somebody play some fuckin Thorogood!"

then, just before I'm half-patched in
I'll punch in an entire album
of Sarah McLachlan and walk out

I'll stagger to that blues bar
Second and Broadway
black shades and hoodie
a fat ruby in my ear

my head will nod smile-less
to Muddy Waters
while I find my rhythm
and ebony Goddess

but just before I master
the fifteen-step handshake
I'll punch in Barry Manilow's
greatest hits
before walking out

tomorrow, I'll go to church
front pew and Christmas aftershave
belting out Amazing Grace
while fixing a little boy's collar

I'll eat their bread
cry tears of confession
shout out for salvation

but then
just before learning tongues, instead of
drinking their kool-aid,
I'll pull out the flask
light up a joint

and head for the door
singing, I drink alone,
all by myself

what can I say?
I just love to fuck up
a good party