Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Coronation

This is a work of fiction. And similarities to persons living or dead is merely a coincidence. So there!

i heard there's gonna be a coronation followed
by a grand ball down at the VFW
the pageant won
the race canceled
-due to sunny weather

it was all in the paper
and i got my invitation, same as everyone else
but i think i'll pass

see, i remember this story in its infancy
back when it was a fairy tale
with missing chapters, the ones
that just can never get re-written
without a hollywood twist

the glass slipper will fit
the wizard will have the answers
and the dog will find his way home

but my cynicism is grumpy. and says
she's just on her way to becoming another
fat american housewife with Oprah's laugh
singing the afternoon theme song

i already heard she's making her hamburgers
just like Mrs. Johnson in the cul de sac
and the Mrs. Johnson next door
to all the other Mrs. Johnsons

and there ain't no magic
in a salsa made from indiana tomatoes

and most likely,
the spanish river will stop laughing,
just doze off for another thousand years
while the train stops parking
to refuel it's spirit- and hers

i heard they might give her Geronimo's medal
at the border, with one of
those little flags on a stick
or maybe just a corn dog

oh, i'll celebrate with her,
for her, but not at the VFW

alone, i'll quietly offer my toast
to the island of enchantment,
the river of forgotten spaniards.
the trees she made love to
and i'll tell the sleeping train
that maybe, just maybe,
fairy tales really do come true