Monday, March 12, 2012


On Valentine's Day, Margaret Page, and her cat, Miya, were reported missing
It seems Margaret and Miya pulled over and took a hike into Gila National Forest, in New Mexico, and just started walking, before making camp by a river.
They say, Margaret has a history of mental illness
And I suppose, "they" oughta know

Well, alls well that ends well
The sanies have found the crazies
And I'm sure there's a new evaluation on the radar

I wonder, if the sanies rescued the crazies, who drove the crazies into the wild?

i wish i had found them. Helped them escape, or maybe, they could've taught me how better to escape.
Maybe i'da just shared their fire and sleeping bag for a night. Swapped crazy stories. Learned Miya's devotion.
Maybe we coulda just died out there together
that would really piss the sanies off

Today I met an old Mama and her daughter in a back corner of a truck stop
Living in an old tiny school bus, a blanket in the window. They had a couple crazy dogs with them.
As is my way, I ended up at that bus. Jump started it with my big semi truck
They came from nowhere and are going nowhere
all they have is that bus. No family, no future, no history
I fell in love with them, as is my way.
She dreams of college and I didn't have the heart to tell her it ain't gonna happen
They say they're waiting on a money order from a distant cousin but i don't think that's gonna happen
either, though I didn't say so out loud.
I asked the girl, "Where is home?"
She just pointed to the bus.
She's just not a daughter, she's my daughter-and yours


there are no crazies
but what would the sanies do
without the lie?

how would the heroes
know who to save?
know that they're sane?