Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ed's Yard Sale

like a patch-work quilt
she had been stitchin her life together
gathering squares where she could
but they never seemed to blend well

so one day, when ed was having a yard sale
she went into his tent. and
see, now ed, well, he
had a whole lot of something
for those needing anything
especially for her

this ed, he's a gatherer by nature
who he lives in a tent
cuz he never could find home
except in the friend that
never could explain home

the mystery fascinated him
and his collection fascinated her

the first thing he would do
is put that old crystal ball on the table
as she gathered in her skirt
and leaned close

he never could tell her future
but by looking through the ball
into her eyes, he could always
tell her past

then he would make some smoke
boil some lizard tails,
tell her things were gonna get better
before giving her whatever caught her fancy
from his collection

when she left ed's tent, she'd
kiss him softly and his eyes
would sparkle as he watched her
carry away yet another part of him

the truth is, none of this mattered;
what mattered was, he loved her
she loved his loving her
neither judged the other
and in these quiet, occasional
little get togethers where he
played merchant to the need
she, for a moment, became
his home, and together,
they made a beautiful quilt