Monday, March 5, 2012

Find Me

have you seen them?
low in the sky?
the sparrows, in waves,
dancing like a celestial
musical note
in perfect harmony

dip, swirl, rise,bank, fall
then rise again, all as one

and that eagle there,
high in the branch
lording over the cliff
chest out, eyes like stainless
shaking off the wind

there's a bear in the brush
with nothing to do and
no one to fear
as he ambles, trampling the berries
claiming the brook
and snorting
just for the hell of it

the wolf wrapped in himself
opens his ancient eyes,
inhales the cold night,
then stands and trots off
into the fresh snow
cuz it's too quiet to sleep

somewhere in the canyon
there's a stallion
who's known hunger
and lust
but never a rope

there is a night
that speaks a cold that cracks
and a virgin sea before man

there, look there, but not with eyes
feel me, but not with your dirty heart
taste my solitude, and understand it
but all from a distance

then might you know me
then can i love you
then may we walk
in a sweet silence
never awkward