Thursday, March 8, 2012

my porch light

does the ant see the stars?
at night, when the work is done
do they come out
sit in their ant chairs
and ponder?

do the lazy ones
lean against the ant hill
cross their ant legs
put a sprit of grass in their mouth
and dream?

or do they only see to the moon?
maybe only to the porch light

and do they call this God?
my porch light?
has the old grey wise ant
returned from my porch light
with his staff to preach salvation?

how big is their universe?
they've never seen beyond
my sidewalk

yet they have order and purpose

i've just read that finally
we've seen beyond our solar system
to the matter outside
and it don't look nothin like
the matter inside

do we see far enough?
are we the ant?