Friday, March 30, 2012

wally's dementia

wally seemed harmless enough
and any crazy he had just seemed bluff
but the moon got so full
that he lost all control
and thus began all the stuff

mrs. jasper swears now she saw him climb naked up her apple tree at 3AM
and he took to washin his car in the rain
before mowin crazy symbols in his yard
while mumblin about arabs and nazis
-just a little quirky

he set up that crazy ass telescope in his back yard
and the shades started to fall at dusk, ever so slowly
and when his wife lefty town with the grocery boy
he didn't even notice for three weeks!

most folks pretended they didn't see him
sittin on his chimney at midnight
or jumpin in that frozen river
on that cold December day

they'd meet him in the store and say
"well, hello Wally, how you doin?"
and he'd grab an apple from their cart
take a bite, and say, "just fine"
before crowin like a love sick rooster
and flappin his wings

but this was a small town
and every one has their characters
to keep the talk alive

but he managed like most folks do
and the stories they grew wilder it's true
and everyone says the same
he mighta stayed in the game
if he hadn'ta flown on jetblue!